• Used where a durable finish is required on one or both sides
  • Suitable for regular or wide format laminating
  • Scratch or scuff resistant
  • Available in various gauges
  • Available with a thermal digital adhesive for sheets produced on digital equipment
  • Can have encaspsulated lip (a sealed, visible edge extends past the printed material to form a watertight seal) – perfect for menus


  • Typically used when lamination is only required on one side of the sheet however can be applied to 2 sides
  • Suitable for regular or wide format laminating
  • More pliable and bends easier than PET with less memory
  • Available in gloss matte finish, and scuff free
  • Generally available in thinner gauges
  • When laminated on one side only, the sheet is less likely to curl over time
  • Can be flush cut (trimmed even with the edge of the printed piece)
  • Encapsulated lip is not possible with OPP
  • Ideal for write-on/wipe off applications (dry erase)
  • Less durable than PET; more prone to scuffing, especially regular matte OPP


  • Excellent choice for applications where curling of the sheet is of great concern (e.g. soft covers and paperback books)
  • Won’t stretch, shrink or expand
  • Scuff and scratch resistant
  • Typically applied to one side of sheet but can be applied to both
  • Available in gloss or matte finish